1416 Fisher Ave - Off-Campus Living for Algonquin/Carleton Students

Student Room. Fisher Heights. All Inclusive, Free Laundry, Free Wifi, Free house cleaning.

Quiet student rental house in Fisher Heights, short walk to Carleton University or short transit to Algonquin College. Rent includes Unlimited 75Mbps Internet, Laundry, Heat, A/C, Hydro, Water, House Cleaning, Lawn & Snow Service, and Household Supplies. Fully furnished private bedrooms with bed, mattress, work desk & chair. The house has 6 private bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, and a shared living/dining room. Kitchens are fully stocked with all the essentials and common household supplies are automatically delivered on a schedule. Cozy but spacious living room is fully furnished and includes a smart TV and Google Assistant.



Room #1 is available Sep 1, 2022. It's the largest bedroom on the lower level with full closet, double bed, desk, chair, and wall unit. Easy access to laundry. Size: 13'6" x 12'11". $650/mo.

Room #5 might be available Sep 1, 2022. (To be confirmed with existing tenant.) It's the medium-sized bedroom on the ground floor with full closet, single bed, desk, chair, and a good view of the greenery in the private backyard. Size: 9'5" x 8'7". $675/mo.


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NOTE: Furniture and other details might not be exactly as shown.


To read what existing or former tenants have said about renting with us, please read through their feedback forms.

Public Profiles

To learn more about your potential roommates, please read through the profiles that they completed as part of their application process.


For more details, please review some of the frequently asked questions that we receive:

How much is the deposit and can I send it later? The last month deposit is equal to one month's rent and we can't accept an application until we receive the full deposit. If your application is not accepted, your funds will be returned. You can submit the deposit the same way you would make a rent payment.

What if I want a shorter lease term? Students will often want to start in August or September and end sometime between April and June. Provided that the lease starts and ends within these months, we can accommodate a shorter lease by charging a 10% premium and collecting two months deposit.

What if I only want to stay for the summer? Depending on availability, we could offer shorter leases in the summer months at the base rate. For this, we require payment in full and a commitment to end before September.

How much does it cost for parking? At most, there are only two spots available for small vehicles: one in the garage and one on the south edge of the driveway. This way, both cars can get in and out of the driveway easily. The spot in the garage costs $30/mo and the spot on the south of the driveway costs $20/mo which can be added to your lease agreement upon request.

What if the room I want isn't available? Once a room opens up, we always ask existing tenants if they want to make a switch before offering it to others. As a result, if the room you'd want isn't currently available we recommend choosing one that is available and then waiting for the other rooms to open up.

What if multiple people want the same room? If a room opens up and two or more existing tenants want the same room, we'll conduct a sealed bid to determine who gets it. We've found this is to be the only fair way to break the tie.

How would I make a rent payment? Rent is due on the first of every month and can be paid by e-transfer to fisher@magnara.ca. For international students, we recommend using Wise.

Do I need to complete the guarantor form? If you have been making more than 3 times the rent amount for more than 12 months, you do not need to provide a guarantor.

Do I need to sign the house rules? Yes. We ask that you review and agree to the house rules as part of your application process so that you know what to expect before signing the lease agreement.

Do you allow people to smoke in your home? This is and always has been a smoke-free home and we'd like to keep it that way. We do welcome our guests to smoke outdoors on the patio though. Just remember to use an ash tray and dispose of it properly please.

Do you allow pets? Because of the wide range of allergies, odors, stains, phobias, and noises that are associated with pets and because this home is a shared living space with people who may have a wide range of sensitivities, we cannot allows pets unfortunately. That being said, a fish in a small bowl may be the only exception.

Do you charge for use of the washer and dryer? Use of the washer and dryer is free for tenants but that is subject to change if the machines are abused, demand increases dramatically, or wash times can't be coordinated.

Do you have any quiet hours? Because we want to help students succeed in their academics, we do request that house be quiet between 10pm and 8am. If you want to make more noise during quiet hours, we recommend the back patio or going to Lone Star or the pub on Fisher and Meadowlands.

Do you allow overnight guests? Because this is an all-girls dorm, we do need to be respectful of the safety and privacy of other occupants. For this reason, we request that other tenants and the landlord be informed 24-hours before an overnight guest arrives so that anyone can express their discomfort in a safe environment.

Do you allow parties? We encourage social activities that are safe and respectful to the needs of others. For this reason, we request that the City's noise by-laws and occupancy limits be respected and the approval from other housemates is obtained in advance of scheduling a party.

Can I see who my roommates are before I submit my application? For the safety and privacy of our tenants, we don't share personally identifiable information publicly but we do share the public profile they submitted with their application.

Why do you want me to complete a profile? We want to do our best to make sure that everyone living here will get along. This will help potential new tenants decide if they'd be compatible and helps us maintain a pleasurable living environment as much as possible.

Who will see my public profile? In addition to existing tenants, any future applicants will receive your public profile. There will not be any personally identifiable information (like name or SIN) included with the public profile unless the tenant has chosen to include their social media handle.

Is everyone responsible for their own food? Each room has a lockable cabinet in the kitchen on their floor and everyone is responsible for their own food.

Who takes out the trash? There are designated bins for the upstairs and downstairs tenants and everyone is responsible for making sure their bins are put on the curb each week and promptly returned after pick-up. If nobody volunteers, we have a schedule to ensure that, at a minimum, someone gets it done.

What happens if someone damages something? Even if it is an accident, we ask that the person who caused the damage offer to repair or replace whatever was damaged.

Do I need to have insurance? It is recommended that you obtain tenant insurance to help protect yourself in case of accidental damages. Google for: TD Renters Insurance, RBC Tenant Insurance, PC Home Insurance.

Is an iron and ironing board provided? Yes. We store them both in the basement next to the laundry machines.

What if I'm an international student with no Canadian records? We'll ask for character references for both yourself and your guarantor and will request the last two month's rent as deposit.

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